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Soccer Random

Soccer Random is an excellent two-player game in which participants can experience genuine running, kicking, and heading of the ball toward the goal while participating in numerous thrilling matches. If you have a deep appreciation for online sports games and a desire to compete against players from around the globe, Soccer Random is an unmissable experience.

How to play

Click the left mouse button or the up arrow to create your signature, then remain still. Each strike grants you partial control over both characters on your team, contrary to your preferences. Additionally, you can maintain the airborne position of your kick by holding down the action button. This can prove advantageous in circumstances where a futile strike or inaction could prove detrimental.

You are assigned a unique character and transported to a different location following every Soccer Random goal. To prevail, one team must accumulate five victories prior to the other. Soccer Random can be enjoyed individually or with a friend.

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