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Geometry Dash 23

Geometry Dash 23 is a rhythm-based platform game that was officially published on the web in 2023.

To obtain the feeling of excitement, enjoy the game now. This game is appropriate for players of all ages and features intuitive gameplay and breathtaking 2D graphics. On our website, you can access it for free online.

Prepare for incredible experiences in this game. Throughout your adventure, you will transform into various characters, including a cube, a ball, a spaceship, and a UFO. To get as far as possible, you must leap over numerous thorny obstacles. Careful! Due to the frequent occurrence of obstacles. Therefore, a rapid response is crucial if you want to win the game. Instruct the player to leap as high as possible to avoid spikes.

Several jump rings and jump cushions are visible at various points throughout the voyage. Landing on them will allow you to jump higher. Put forth as much effort as you can to accumulate the most points and achieve the highest possible score. The objective of this game is to achieve a high score while also gathering all three mystery coins hidden across each level.

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