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Boxing Stars

Boxing Stars is a 2D fighting game that has a diverse cast of characters and a variety of competitions to participate in. You get to pick your boxer, then you have to navigate your way to the championship by punching, dodging, and blocking. Utilize the money you earn to improve your existing attributes.

How to play

Construct your combatant

Choose one of the available animated boxing stars and select the fight button. You will establish your reputation in the boxing underground, where your professional boxing career begins. Using the currency acquired during combat, one may rejuvenate their stamina, health, defense, and power.

Compete to win the championship

You may purchase your way into the Boxing Club once you have amassed sufficient funds and enhanced your fighter's prowess. There, the combatants are more formidable, and you can earn more cash. You will then swing your way to the championship and tournament.

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