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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a forest-based commerce game involving numerous monkeys. Your objective is to take the farm to the next level by commanding the farm's monkey master.

Begin selling bananas on the plantation so that more monkeys will purchase them. Initially, these primates purchased a small number of bananas. The majority of customers purchase a single banana and return it the next time they need to purchase fruit. Use the profits from the sale of bananas to plant more banana trees. Banana production will increase.

You will amass a substantial sum of money after selling fruits. Utilize the funds to acquire additional plant and animal species, such as corn, poultry, and dairy cows, in order to expand the farm. In addition, modern consumables such as popcorn and ice cream can be added to the farm to increase its size. Additionally, the farm's size allows you to develop a variety of additional, more engaging services. Start exploring the game!

Not only does the game provide an engaging environment, but it also provides management training. When a player expands their farm in Monkey Mart, they must employ additional staff. Because you won't be able to accommodate all consumers adequately. These waiters will be a great help in delivering the products to the customers as quickly as possible, so that they do not have to wait. All of your employees must be managed during the course of work. They will flee the workplace if you are a poor manager. This administration will be simple because you will be equipped with a cutting-edge system that can detect which employees are dozing. Come and rouse them up in order to prevent interruptions.

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