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Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a thrilling 3D driving game in which players must navigate a course filled with challenging obstacles. This game mission is extremely difficult because players must drive a tractor at high speed on a crazy track while attempting to avoid obstacles without flipping the vehicle. This game will test your control skills with numerous exciting maneuvers and inventive obstacles. If participants wish to cross the finish line unharmed, they must maintain a consistent speed. Initially, it will be simple to traverse obstacles with the truck's enormous axles. Soon, however, you will need to be cautious because it will also readily flip your car over. The tumble can shatter your vehicle, rendering it unusable. So that players do not become bored after completing 100 levels with the same truck, the game allows them to operate a different vehicle in every level. Complete each level and be the first to reach the end!

How to play the Drive Mad game? 

Drive Mad has a straightforward control scheme, but you must pay close attention to the track to avoid overturning your vehicle. Be cautious!

  • Press W, D, X, or the Up arrow or Right arrow, and mouse click to steer forward.
  • To move in reverse, press S, A, Z, or the Down arrow or Left arrow.

Always remember that if your vehicle is flipped, it will break, and you will no longer be able to operate it.

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