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Advertisement is an evolution-based survival game with multiplayer IO battle arena elements. It tasks players with evolving an animal into the strongest possible creature in the world after surviving attacks from other players across a variety of natural and man-made environments. Players must evolve their animals through eight evolutionary stages and 45 animal types.

Players must direct their animals above and away from other players' animals and any red-outlined threats. They must guide it to eat objects with green borders and drink water to evolve to the next stage. Each type of animal has special skills that players can use to survive. If they earn gems and have an account set up directly or through a Google or Facebook login, they can also purchase skins, effects, pets, additional gems, and even set up a premium account level with additional benefits. If they watch ads, they will receive more experience points. does more than simply introduce players to animals found in nature. There are mythical creatures, cosmic creatures, beasts, and even immortal nightmares. The player's ultimate goal is to evolve into a grim reaper.

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