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Crazy Roll 3D

Crazyroll 3D is a slope-inspired, limitless running game that is highly addictive. Steer a ball as it is propelled across a sequence of inclined and sloping platforms. Roll as far as possible while avoiding every obstacle and gathering diamonds.

How to play

Maintain sharp vision and reflexes.

The velocity of the ball increases gradually as it traverses boosters and ramps. Navigate the ball while maintaining vigilance on the road ahead for impending obstacles. Although the game is infinite, as you progress, the difficulty increases. These more difficult levels contain more mobile obstacles.

Acquire power-ups

The map is replete with shields, magnets, and the 2x diamond power-up. Certain ones are positioned in perilous areas. One might be attainable if you activate your shield in a timely manner.

Each power-up is subject to an expiration effect; therefore, it is prudent to strategically time them. For instance, you might decide to reserve your shield for a more challenging level.

Accumulate diamonds for the purpose of making expenditures.
Accumulate an infinite quantity of diamonds for use in the Crazy Roll 3D store. You have the ability to acquire power-ups and a variety of new balls in varied speeds and sizes.

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