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Bouncy Motors

Bouncy Motors is a fun vehicle game in which you must navigate a jelly car through a variety of obstacles. Make your way to the finish line to complete the level and collect additional skins along the way. When driving on ice, use extreme caution and avoid red zones!

How to play

Time-based levels

Drive your jelly car through the levels as rapidly as possible without colliding with any red zones or falling off the platforms. Progress through the stages as they become more difficult, earning more money to customize your Bouncy Motor!

Stickman destruction

Take your jelly wagon on a deadly journey. Remove as many stickmen as possible before the timer runs out. Explore the terrain, looking for stickmen to plow over. You get two bucks for every stickman you drive over.


Enjoy this vintage freestyle sketching editor, which allows you to create your own course and drive it, similar to Free Rider HD.

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