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Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator is an interesting simulation game where players are placed in the role of a supermarket manager. The game starts with an empty space, and your task is to build each part of the supermarket from the foundation. Players will have to decide where to place shelves, how to arrange products, and how to manage staff to ensure the supermarket operates efficiently.

With sharp graphics and diverse environments, Supermarket Simulator gives you the authentic feeling of managing a retail store. You will face challenges from choosing the right products for customers to dealing with emergency situations such as fires or thefts.

How to play

1. Start Building: Choose a location and start building your supermarket. Strategically place shelves and checkout counters to optimize space and customer flow.
2. Product Management: Select products to sell and decide how to arrange them on shelves. Pay attention to customer shopping trends and adjust products accordingly.
3. Staff Recruitment: Recruit staff and train them to support daily supermarket operations. Staff may include cashiers, security guards, and cleaning staff.
4. Financial Management: Track revenue and costs to ensure your supermarket is profitable. Make smart investment decisions to expand your business.
5. Problem Solving: Face unexpected situations such as natural disasters and theft, and ensure the safety of customers and employees.

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