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Poop Clicker 2

Poop Clicker 2 is a free and popular clicker entertainment game. This game will give you a gaming experience equivalent to Cookie Clicker, where you click to create new products. However, instead of cookies, poop is the focus of this particular game as the main character. This character is very quirky, it will bring you a unique experience.

How to play

The special thing about the Poop Clicker game is the poop expressions. It can change emotions with each click. You can see a funny face with a bright smile. You can also see a happy face with heart-shaped eyes. Or the mischievous face sticking out its tongue, always ready. You will find poop more attractive than ever.

In addition to clicking, you can create new stools by purchasing items to automate the production process. You can buy a hand, a baby, a toilet, a cow, a farm, a factory, a city and the earth. Each item has different prices and uses.

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