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Papa’s Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia is a cooking game in the franchise of Papa Louie games. Your mission is to prepare the cookies, cover them with ice cream, and drizzle them with syrup before serving the customers.

Before we begin playing, let's take a short look at the game's plot. One day, while traversing the streets of an unfamiliar, large city, you lose both your luggage and your wallet. In this difficult circumstance, Papa Louie appears and offers a helpful suggestion. He wants you to work at a downtown ice cream establishment. It sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Enjoy the game and transform yourself into an expert ice cream artist.

How to play the Papa's Scooperia game?

Every game must begin with an understanding of the gameplay. Not even Papa's Scooperia is an exception. Let's investigate the gameplay. When a consumer places an order, the game will describe the preparation of each dish. Remember everything, as you will be responsible for preparing the next order. Obviously, the objective is to be the best and the quickest so that your consumers are satisfied and you are admired.

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