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Necro Clicker

Necro Clicker is a captivating 3D clicker game in which you will join the domain of dark magic and become a necromancy magician. In this game, you will release your inner strength and raise an army of undead creatures to conquer the land. With each click, you will improve your abilities, get access to banned spells, and watch your army become stronger.

In order to achieve ultimate power, you must strategize your summoning, explore frightening dungeons, and face terrifying enemies. In this idle adventure, can you become the ultimate necromancy mage?

Another version of Necro Clicker allows you to become a pharaonic skeleton, upgrade pals, and gain strength. This game provides the sensation of exploring the ancient world through entertaining and fascinating 2D gameplay. Prepare for an amazing voyage through the ancient world with Necro Clicker!

How to play

Using mouse.

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