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Mahjongg Solitaire

Mahjongg Solitaire is a mahjong game with traditional rules and modern visuals. There are no upsets, and the game is timed, but the pace of the game is comfortable.

How to play

Detect patterns

Mahjong is a complex puzzle game. There are many types of tiles, many of which look similar but have slight differences. You cannot move any pieces that are blocked on both sides, in addition to needing to detect these patterns. At least the left or right side needs to be accessible.

Use hints when you get stuck.

Mahjongg Solitaire has hints if you get stuck but doesn't have a shuffle feature like some other Mahjongg games. Additionally, players must determine the number of tiles they can match within the given time limit.
When the game ends, you will receive points for the tiles you matched and a reward for the distance you covered in the game before time ran out.

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