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Grow Defense

Grow Defense is an excellent 3D tower defense game in which you must struggle to keep your castle from being overrun by a variety of different monsters. You start off with some basic defenses for your castle, but you'll need to beef those up with some new weapons and fortifications.

You will earn gold for each monster you take down as you continue through the game; you should put this gold to good use by strengthening your defenses so that you can withstand attacks in the future. Make sure the castle can resist the onslaught of increasingly powerful foes by ensuring its defenses are in good shape. Keep in mind that you will need to defeat some bosses! Put your defensive knowledge to the test today!


  • A excellent combination of clicker and idle gameplay The castle's appearance changes as you upgrade its components.
  • Several upgrade possibilities
  • Numerous monster varieties
  • A formidable foe after a certain level.

How to play

Using mouse

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