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Easter Clicker

Easter Clicker is an idle clicker game inspired by the Easter holiday, where you unlock and upgrade an Easter egg production and delivery system. Players will click on the large egg in the middle of the screen to create eggs and earn money.


Easter Egg World: Players will be immersed in the wonderful world of producing eggs for the legendary Easter Bunny.

Production Mission: You will be on a mission to create the most beautiful and colorful Easter eggs, ensuring that children around the world can participate in the fun of egg hunting.

Upgrade and Unlock: Unlock six different zones of an Easter egg empire and upgrade each zone to increase your income and collect the special eggs they offer to earn big bucks simultaneously.

Save Easter: The Easter Bunny is preparing for Easter and he's falling behind! Maybe you can help save Easter by crafting as many Easter egg baskets as possible. Harvest flowers, use Discovery Rabbits to discover more chocolate, and plant plants to harvest eggs.

How to play

Using mouse

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