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DDTANK Clicker

DDTANK Clicker is an online game that falls under the idle game genre. Players engage in combat with a variety of opponents, including bosses and monsters, by clicking on them. Your character will automatically fire at the designated target, eliminating the need for you to continuously click.

• Idle Gaming: You are not obligated to click indefinitely; instead, you can relish the experience of witnessing your character engage in an automatic battle.
• A Wide Range of Opponents: Encounter a diverse array of adversaries, including potent and difficult bosses and common monsters.
• Customize and enhance: Enhance the combat effectiveness and strength of your character by upgrading their weapons and talents.
• No installation is necessary. "DDTANK Clicker" is a browser game that does not necessitate a download. Simply opt in and begin playing.
• Online Competition: You have the opportunity to showcase your abilities by engaging in competition with other participants in the game.

How to play

Using mouse

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