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Cat Clicker

Cat Clicker is an extremely cute and addictive clicker game where you'll have fun with adorable cats. In this game, you will click to create cat bubbles and use them to upgrade your clicking ability and income.

Detailed description:

• Collect bottle caps: By clicking on the cats, you will earn bottle caps and use them to upgrade.

• Manage mood and hunger: To earn multipliers and unlock new levels, you need to manage your cat's mood and hunger.

• Collecting cats: There are many types of cats with unique personalities for you to collect.

• Catch mice: Quickly catch sneaky mice to get extra rewards and achievements.

Cat Clicker offers a limitless entertainment experience where each click is a step forward in the adventure of creating cats. With the strategic progression system, you can press the reset button to start over with permanent benefits, which speeds up the production of cat bubbles in subsequent games. Come join this adorable cat world and watch your cat world grow into an endless universe of cuteness!

How to play

Using mouse

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