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Banana Game

The game "Banana Game" is a free clicker game released on Steam on April 23, 2024. This game includes an image of a banana, which, each time you click, increases the number on the counter . Developed by a team of four people, "Banana Game" is based on an earlier clicker game called "Egg." Like "Egg,"  the main purpose of the game is to provide items to the player over time.

Outstanding features of the game:

• Simple Gameplay: Players just need to click on the banana image to increase the number on the counter.

• Banana Items: Players will receive banana images in their Steam inventory every time they play the game and click at a time. Continuous clicking only increases the timer and does not result in any negative effects.

• Community: Banana items are created in part by the community via the game's official Discord server.

How to play

Using mouse

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